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Yujiro Dan
Char 291958
Kanji 壇 悠次郎
Romaji Dan Yūjirō
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 180 cm
Weight 69 kg
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Status Teacher
Affiliations Honan Stride Club
  • Advisor
  • Coach
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Ryotaro Okiayu
English Voice J. Michael Tatum
Anime Episode 1 (cameo)
Episode 2

Yujiro Dan (壇 悠次郎, Dan Yūjirō) is the coach and adviser of Honan Academy's Stride Club. He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese) and J. Michael Tatum (English).


Yujiro has messy black hair and narrow dark brown eyes with silver framed glasses. He usually wears a purple jersey with a white shirt underneath, black pants and shoes.


Yujiro is Nana, Riku, Takeru and Riko's homeroom & modern Japanese teacher. He was also previously Heath's modern Japanese teacher. Although he looks calm, collected and severe, his guidance is precise and passionate. He always wears a jersey and is an idioms enthusiast.


Yujiro was a former athlete along with Joe, Ms. Sakura and Koichi, so he does have experience both as a runner and as a relationer.


Japanese Idioms

  • "Donge Ichigen"
    An extremely rare object or event.[1]
  • "Fuban Ritsu"
    An unwritten rule.[2]
  • "Sokudan Sokketsu"
    To decide immediatly, on the spot.[3]
  • "Anchu Hiyaku"
    Maneuvering behind the scenes.[4]
  • "Hankan Kuniku"
    Make neccessary sacrifices to achieve results.[5]
  • "Kendo Chorai"
    Redouble one's effort.[6]
  • "Yudan Taiteki"
    Not paying attention could result in failure.[7]
  • "Joint Training"
  • Training together.[8]
  • "Kojitsu Bikyu"
    To sped the days idly and procrastinate.[9]
  • "Kishi Kaisei"
  • Recover from the brink of disaster.
  • "Ichinen Tsuuten"
  • To will something very hard.
  • "Iki Kenkou"
  • "Shichiten Hakki"
  • To keep trying no matter how many times one fails.
  • "Zento Youyou"
  • The future offers promising prospects.
  • "Taigan Jouju"
  • A sincere wish coming true.
  • "Ikkaku Zenkin"

Get great results without really trying.

  • "Gashin Shoutan"

Going through thick and thin to attain an objective.

  • "Kiu Soudai"

Grand in one's idea or mindset.

  • "Jisetsu Tourai"

The time is ripe.

  • "Ichibyou Sokusai"

One who is chronically ill takes care of oneself better.

  • "Ikka Danran"

Happy family get together.

  • "Gouka Kenram"

Luxurious and Gorgeous.

  • "Yuusou Kappatsu"

Extremely vigorous.

  • "Toushi Manman"

Brimming with fighting spirit.

  • "Tenka Taihei"

Peace reign over the land.

  • "Funrei Doryuko"

Making stenuous effort.

  • "Yuuki Rinrin"

To be full of spirit.


  • Likes: Japanese idioms and proverbs, cooking, apple-peel art (competed against Shizuma, but lost badly).[8]
  • Ryotaro Okiayu also voiced Tezuka from Prince of Tennis and the two have similar appearances.
  • He was a former Stride athlete when he was in high school with Joe, Koichi and Ms. Sakurai.


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