These are some ideas for some fanfiction. I may not actually write them on this site. I'll probably do that on Tumblr. So here they are.

Midnight STRIDE

I couldn't help but noticed the eye design looks like the ones used in Persona. Naoki, Kanji, and Naoto go to Honan Academy to visit Naoki's cousin, Nana. But what should have been a social visit turns into mystery when rumors of a mysterious site called 'Midnight STRIDE' spreads around and members of the club go missing. Can our heroes master the sport and save the members? In a B-story, a rivalry forms between Kanamin Kitchen and Galaxy Standard.

Miraculous Stride

The Honan Stride Club goes to Paris to study the parkour part of stride. But when you through in a villian with butterflies, a girl dressed like a ladybug, and a boy dressed like a cat, things could be tricky.

Ouran High School Stride Club

The Honan Stride Club is sent to Ouran Academy to start a stride club. However, there's a catch. The chairman is willing to assist them if the male members join another club at the school. His son's club. But can they manage to start the club or be lost to the ways of the host? In a B-story, Ayumu finds himself attracted to Renge.

Stride Club vs Swim Club

The Stride Club goes to Iwatobi for a training retreat. But when Heath and Makoto get on each other's nerves, they challenge thier clubs to match to see which sport is better, stride or swimming? How will things turn out?

Stride connects us

Nana and Riku go to Ikebukuro for a night on the town. But will things get weird when they're stopped by the black Russan, encounter a devious informent, almost get killed by a bartender, and get rescured by a headless woman on a motorcycle?

Well, that's all I could think of. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thank you.

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