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Hello everyone, I'm Mirai and I've started this disscusion because I've decided to try and adopt this wiki. This is mainly because of the inactiveness of the founder of this wiki and that we need the rights in order to change the background, appearence, features, etc. on Prince of Stirde: Alternative Wiki.

I will be trying to meet the critria this week inorder to adopt.

This blog is to have the current users show opinons and to dicuss new leadership. I would like to know if...

  • you are okay with me having leadership over the wiki? (this doesn't mean I have 'full' control, it means having me as something like a founder for this wiki.)
  • you have any questions?

The blog will be open for disscusion until the official results for adoption are sent to me

I would like all users to openly share your thoughts. Thank you! ^.^

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