User Page Policy

These rules are made to be followed by all admins, staff and wiki contributors. Please follow these rules strictly.

User Page

There is not an exact policy for the user page because it is completely yours, but you must not:

  • advertise.
  • use fan art without getting the artist's permission first.
  • use pornographic images.
  • copy exactly from another user without his/her permission.
  • claim that you're an administrator, rollback, or chat mod if you're not.

Other things

  • Please do not edit another user's page without his/her permission.

Message Wall

The message wall is used to communicate with other users. Again, there isn't an exact policy for the message wall since it's completely yours, but please don't:

  • harass another user.
  • edit another user's message.
  • complain about other users.

We don't recommend discussing personal matters on the message wall because it's a public wall that can be accessed by anyone.

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