General Rules

These rules are made to be followed by all admins, staff and wiki contributors. Please follow these rules strictly.

General Rules

Content-centered Rules

  1. If you are not an Administrator or if you do not have permission to do so, please do not attempt to interfere with foreign Wiki affairs that regard our Wiki and (an) other Wiki(s).
  2. Please do not:
    • be disrespectful towards another user.
      • Constructive criticism and the likes are allowed, but harassment or bullying is unacceptable. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following:
        • Personal attacks, threats, or name-calling.
        • Bullying of any kind (sexual/vulgar language, racist remarks, etc).
        • Trolling.
        • Spreading false information about other users.
    • spam messages.
    • advertise or try to sell products to other users.

Admins have the right to delete, edit, lock or block any pages if any editors or contributors did not follow the said rules. Any info regarding Administrator Rights, visit this page. Additional rules may be appended if deemed necessary.

Forum Rules

  1. Please do not:
    • vandalize pages or files.
      • This includes adding comments, jokes, and clearly false and inaccurate information to pages.
      • Any comment, joke, question, or discussion about a page should be posted in either the page's talk page or the General Discussion Forums instead.
    • write assumptions/speculations in the articles.
      • If you have a speculation, prediction, etc, please post it in the appropriate forum or the page's talk page.
    • spam war/edit war.
      • If there is a problem, contact an Administrator or discuss it on the forums/talk page.
    • create offensive articles or pointless articles (unrelated information).
    • add spoilers in an article page unless the chapter, episode, or information has been revealed by the official sources.

Live!Chat Rules

The Live!Chat is a public chatroom that all registered Wiki users can use. In order to prevent any potential problems that may occur there, the following rules have been created:

  1. Please do not:
    • spam.
    • participate in or encourage illegal activities.
  2. Exchanging personal information is highly discouraged. We are not responsible for anything that may occur afterwards if one does the exchange.

Other Notes

  • Please note that correcting the violation you've done before a consequence is administered will NOT prevent you from receiving the consequence.
  • Please also note that we will not be responsible for any of the actions you do on this Wiki. However, we will be responsible for administering appropriate consequences to Wiki users.

If any Wiki user or contributor witnesses another user breaking any of these rules and administrators fail to notice, please kindly correct them if possible and report the incident with a link or screenshot of the offense to an administrator.

Once again, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the rules, please leave your message on either the Talk page or the General Discussion Forum. Thank you for your cooperation!

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