Prince of Stride
Prince of Stride Cover
Kanji プリンス・オブ・ストライド
Romaji Purinsu Obu Sutoraido
Genre Sports, Romance
Game Information
Developer Kadowaka Games
Publisher Kadokawa Games, Dengeki Girl's Style
Release date July 30, 2015
Game mode Single player
Ratings' CERO: Cero b Ages 15 and up
Platform PlayStation Vita

Prince of Stride (プリンス・オブ・ストライド, Purinsu Obu Sutoraido) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Kadowaka Games and Vridge. It was released in Japan on July 30, 2015 for the PlayStation Vita.


Stride is an extreme sport in which teams made up of six people run through town.

"You", or Nana Sakurai (default name changeable) became drawn to Stride after watching a web video depicting a Stride match with Honan Academy. Wholeheartedly wanting to play Stride, Nana enrolled into Honan Academy.

What awaited Nana there were other boys who were into Stride the same way she has.

As you grow as a "Relationer", the leader of the team, win the "End of Summer" Eastern Japan Tournament alongside your team mates! School life, your club, close friendship, rivalry, and matches... What awaits at the end of this all?

A story about experiencing your once-in-a-lifetime youth at full speed. Youth x Sports Club. That is "Prince of Stride".





Prince of Stride is classified as an otome game; like most otome games, the player takes the role of the main protagonist, Nana Sakurai, who can choose from a variety of male characters as her love interest. There are two possible endings for each character.


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