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Nobuhiko Nagatsuka
Char 293188
Kanji 長塚 乃彦
Romaji Nagatsuka Nobuhiko
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday June 26
Hair Color Black
Height 192 cm
Weight 90 kg
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Status High School Junior
Affiliations Mihashi Stride Club
Occupation Runner
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Itaru Yamamoto
Anime Episode 4

Nobuhiko Nagatsuka (長塚 乃彦, Nagatsuka Nobuhiko) is a second year student at Mihashi High School and is one of the stride club's runners. He is voiced by Itaru Yamamoto.


Nobuhiko is a tall young man with a muscular frame and solid build. He has cropped black hair. He is often seen with his eyes closed and a friendly smile on his face.

He wears a green jersey (with navy blue lines on the collar and other places and white words printed beside the zipper) with a black t-shirt underneath. He wears it with grey track shorts and black running shoes.


Despite his manly looks, he is only 16 and a 2nd year student. He is very friendly and mature, and often apologizes for his teammate's outbursts, especially Aoi's. He still showed great sportsmanship to help Ayumu up to finish their legs, and also after the race, still played along to wish him and his 'sister' well.


He has above-average slope speed, but it is mostly because he is so much taller than Ayumu, so he can beat him just by having longer stride lengths and can crush his hands in a handshake. Mentally, he buys into Ayumu's mental tricks and feints, but is still composed enough to run his own race. He also shows great sportsmanship.



  • When Honan faced off against Mihashi , Ayumu would try to wind up opponents, especially him. The story Ayumu told was similar to what Midousuji told Imaizumi about a family member being in hospital, but Ayumu is an only child, while Nagatsuka bought the story, he didn't take him lightly. In the anime, Ayumu took a risky shortcut where he would get badly cut by the branches, and dislocated his right shoulder. Nagatsuka thought he is a half-sister of Ina Bauer, but it cannot be because she passed away in 2014, aged 73.
  • Ina Bauer also refers to a figure skating element, a footstep named after her. The term became popular in Japan due to an explosion of World Class female figure skaters in Japan in the 1990-2010's, especially 2006 Winter Olympic Champion, Shizuka Arakawa, who won with her flexible version of the move in her long skating program.
  • He shares the same first name (in Hiragana) as Nobuhiko Okamoto, the voice actor for Takeru Fujiwara, in which Nobuhiko Nagatsuka is named after, Okamoto is a certified skilful shogi player.


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