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Kanji 方南
Romaji Hōnan
Team Name HONAN
Captain Heath Hasekura
Manager Nana Sakurai
Coach Yujiro Dan
Colours White / Blue / Red

Honan Academy (方南学園, Hōnan Gakuen) is a high school located in Tokyo.

Stride Club


Honan's Stride Club is so small that all members automatically enter into the Shogi club (which only has Ayumu) as well since each club must have at least three members.

Once a Stride powerhouse 2 years ago, now having to re-establish the club due to dissent and retirements from the former 3rd year students. Because of this, many rival schools, especially Shiki Dozono of Ichijyokan, found the school to be violent. Despite this, Honan has a mutually-respectful and cooperative relationship with Saisei.


Name Position Year Status
Yujiro DanCoach/Advisor 2nd Year CoachActive
Nana SakuraiManager/Relationer1st YearActive
Riku YagamiRunner (Starter)1st YearActive
Takeru FujiwaraRunner (Anchor)1st YearActive
Hozumi KohinataRunner2nd YearActive
Ayumu KadowakiRunner2nd YearActive
Heath HasekuraCaptain/Runner3rd YearActive
Kyosuke KugaRunner3rd YearActive


Name Position Year Status
Riko KawarazakiStudent/Correspondent1st YearActive


  • D's - is the company ran by Heath's sister, Diane.
  • Runruly - the second clothing brand ran by Diane.

Spring Festival

Visual Novel & Light Novel

  1. Honan vs Mihashi (Honan must win)


  1. Honan vs Saisei (5:11:26 vs 5:11:68)

Trial Tour

Visual Novel & Light Novel

  1. Honan vs Nagamine
  2. Honan vs Saisei


  1. Honan vs Mihashi
  2. Honan vs Mihashi (Honan won by 4 seconds)
  3. Honan vs Ichijyokan (Honan won by 4 seconds)
  4. Honan has been shown to have beaten 3 other teams in episode 7 for EOS's group stage, but the races were never shown.
  5. End of Summer Time Trial at Sapporo Dome:

Honan vs Kakyoin (5:08:12 vs 4:58:37 (Sapporo Dome Time Trial course record))

Practice Matches

Takeru and Riku (with Nana) vs Hozumi and Heath (with Aymu) (01:37:76 vs 01:37:76). As Riku, Takeru and Nana failed to beat the upperclassmen, they automatically join the team.

 Summer Camp Indoor Practice Match


Ayumu sits out of the matches:

  1. Saisei vs Honan (Saisei won by 3 seconds)
  2. Saisei vs Honan (margin unknown)

Table Tennis Doubles Tournament


Nana sits out:

  1. Hozumi & Ayumu vs. Asuma & Bantaro
  2. Heath & Kyosuke vs. Kaede & Tasuku
  3. Riku & Takeru vs. Shizuma & Reiji

Overall: Honan vs. Saisei (1-2)
Punishment: Honan must perform a song.


  • The uniforms is a direct reference to Seishun Academy in Prince of Tennis. The voice actor for Dan also did the voice for Tezuka (also from Seishun); while the voice actor for Kyosuke also did the voice for Atobe Keigo.
  • Honan and Saisei share the same building for their respective modelling work, with Honan's studio a floor above Saisei's.


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