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Hajime Izumino
Char 293831
Kanji 五十公野 哉
Romaji Izumino Hajime
Nicknames Devil Twins (with Ryo)
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday May 15
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Electric Blue
Height 177 cm
Weight 62 kg
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Status High School Junior
Relatives Ryo Izumino (younger twin brother)
Affiliations Kakyoin Stride Club
  • Runner
  • Circus Performer (former)
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Ryota Osaka
Anime -

Hajime Izumino (五十公野 哉, Izumino Hajime) is a second year student at Kakyoin High School and is one of the stride club's runners. He is voiced by Ryota Osaka.


Hajime is a slender young man with short grey hair and electric blue eyes. His bangs are parted with one piece in the middle and the rest on the either side of his head.

He wears a dark purple jersey (with black covering the arms and "Kakyoin High School S.T." written in the middle) with a dark blue neck warmer. He wears it with short black leggings and black-blue running shoes.


Hajime is quite reserved and generally completes conversations with only one word. He is the older twin brother of Ryo and are called the "Devil Twins". They're like two peas in a pod, while others say they are never apart. Both twins possess superhuman physical abilities and their accuracy in cooperation play is unrivalled. He was originally a circus performer.


Because both twins were circus performers, both have excellent parkour skills, but Ryo often runs directly behind Hajime in the order. Ryo is a faster runner than Hajime, but Hajime can clear long flights of steps to overtake people aerially.




  • Hajime in Hiragana also means 'to start' and 'first' as demonstrated by him being the starter for the race. He also shares the name in Hiragana with Aoyagi Hajime.
  • Aoyagi's best friend, Teshima Junta, is telepathic in a traditional sense as he can assume what Aoyagi is thinking, but as Hajime and Ryo are twins, they have closer bonds. The twins are also far superior in terms of physical traits and individual athletic abilities.


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