On Your Mark - The Beginning of Destiny
Ep 1
Episode 1
Title On Your Mark - The Beginning of Destiny
ON YOUR MARK Unmei no hajimari
ON YOUR MARK 運命のはじまり
Air date January 5, 2015
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On Your Mark - The Beginning of Destiny (ON YOUR MARK 運命のはじまり, ON YOUR MARK Unmei no hajimari) is the first episode of Prince of Stride: Alternative.


Nana Sakurai, dreamed of being part of the Honan Stride Club, therefore she entered the Honan Academy. Because of her excitement, she was almost late to her first day, and while she was walking towards her class, a young boy throws his bag over the gate and jumped into the academy. The young boy introduces himself as Riku Yagami, a first year student who wants to have fun during his high school days.

During the break, Nana tried looking for the Honan Stride club, while Riku participates in various club activities.

Character Appearances

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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