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Diane Hasekura
Char 298473
Kanji 支倉 ダイアン
Romaji Hasekura Diane
Age 27
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Status Sponsor
Occupation President of D's International
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Sayaka Ohara
English Voice Elizabeth Maxwell
Anime Episode 2

Diane Hasekura (支倉 ダイアン, Hasekura Diane) is the older sister of Heath Hasekura and the president of "D's International", which also owns "JSTT", "Hercules" and "Aurora".

She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara (Japanese) and Elizabeth Maxwell (English).


Diane has mid-long curly brown hair and green eyes.  

She is usually seen wearing a sleeveless purple dress with a fashionable yellow scarf around her neck and a black jacket hanging off her shoulders. She also wears a golden watch, bracelet and rings.  


Diane is controlling and decisive. This is evident when she was asked to sponsor the Honan Stride Club. She also hates losing, thus she gave them the condition that they must never lose. In the anime, however, she still went on to sponsor them after their loss to Saisei by launching the 'Runruly' range, but that was because Saisei's sponsor is Diane's direct competitor), and must have direct contact to Heath for modelling jobs, effectively being his talent manager. She is also very affectionate when the team wins.

She hates blue, referring to the old uniforms.


Heath Hasekura

Because Diane is so controlling, Heath never likes working for her, but under her guidance, he became a very professional model. He doesn't want the Stride Club to be sponsored by her. He also isn't a fan of her talking with sexual innuendos.


  • The name Diane means "divine" in French.
  • Diane's surname Hasekura means "support" (支) (hase) and "warehouse" (倉) (kura).


  • Etymology of "Runruly"
    • Runruly comes from "Unruly runners", a common misconception of Stride runners compared to track athletes.


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